Hair restoration services have been revolutionized by the patented Mark Weston System℠. Dealing with hair loss can be difficult. But, through a single-session hair restoration process called scalp micropigmentation, hair is simulated to create a custom, permanent solution for those experiencing hair loss.

Our hair loss treatment is a great solution for men and women, whether the cause is hair loss after chemotherapy, male or female pattern baldness, thinning hair, hair fall or other reasons.

A Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment
  • One Time Permanent Micropigmentation for Hair Loss
  • Immediate Results after hair restoration services
  • Virtually Pain-Free Hair Loss Treatment
  • No Recuperation Time after
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Less Expensive than Hair Transplants

We provide our hair loss services for clients globally and over the last decade we’ve gained many satisfied customers. Our hair loss solution is a great choice regardless of hair texture. View our gallery to find photos of our patented hair loss solution.


Scalp micropigmentation is a medical tattooing procedure that recreates the natural look of your lost hair, one individual follicle at a time, by pigmenting our very own SMART Pigments™ into the scalp a visual illusion of a full head of hair. As a non-surgical approach to hair loss, this amazing hair restoration treatment resembles individual follicles when properly and expertly applied.

While there are generic forms of this method offered by hundreds of companies that require multisessions, none can be compared with the natural results of The Weston System℠. The Weston System℠ for hair restoration using micropigmentation is so unique and superior, that it’s patented.


Our scalp micropigmentation services don’t require surgery and we customize your session so that your hair replacement results are natural and seamless. One of our very first customers was a patient who’d suffered serious damage to her scalp and significant hair loss. The experience of providing hair loss treatment that restores confidence is what motivates us to continue year after year.

The natural look of our scalp micropigmentation services is accomplished via varying placement of replicated follicular hair units with several shades of color, creating an illusion of 3D hair growth. In our process of scalp micropigmentation, these exclusive shades of SMART Pigments™ are applied in a patented application technique to mimic the natural light and darker areas of naturally buzzed hair.

The Weston System’s scalp micropigmentation method transitions what essentially is 2-dimensional into what the human eye depicts as 3-dimensional. What other scalp micropigmentation services providers need multiple sessions for, The Weston System℠ accomplishes in one session only.

Scalp micropigmentation with the Weston needle allows the healing process is to only take about a week, with some clients healing ending in as little as a few days. Any redness from irritation will subside within 24 to 48 hours. The hairline will appear more pronounced immediately after your scalp micropigmentation procedure, but will soften to expose it’s natural subtleness in a week or two. You will normally be able to return to your regular schedule the next day, as there is no “down” time.

The Weston System℠ for scalp micropigmentation lasts a lifetime and you will not have to bear the financial burden of repeated scheduled reapplications or touch-ups months or years later. The only “upkeep” for your hair restoration treatment is that you keep your own hair tightly buzzed so that a natural-looking transition is made from replicated follicles to your remaining natural hair.


Hair restoration treatment services should be personalized. Your hair is your everything. Experiencing hair loss for any reason can decrease confidence. Making an informed decision on which provider to choose for your scalp micropigmentation hair restoration treatment is extremely important.

Weston performed his first scalp micropigmentation in the United States in 1989 when a friend approached him with the request of tattooing hair stubble onto his balding head. Using conventional tattoo equipment Weston was able to produce the desired results. Soon after this,  Weston started receiving more inquiries about scalp micropigmentation services. At this time, Weston was the owner of his third fine art tattoo studio called Artistry Concepts.

However, Weston still felt the need for substantial improvement for his innovative scalp micropigmentation idea for hair restoration. In 2009, then Artistry Concepts, was the first business in the United States to offer scalp micropigmentation.

 Weston then commenced research and development to engineer a needle for scalp micropigmentation that was smaller than what was available on the market. Weston became the first and only person to research and develop a specific needle and equipment for scalp micropigmentation as a hair restoration treatment, and still remains so to this date.

Weston proceeded to improve his hair restoration services and developed proprietary equipment to accommodate this new, smaller needle size. This then graduated from simple scalp micropigmentation to the first Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method (ACHMTM). The ACHMTM results were astonishing and this first generation ACHMTM remained in application until November of 2009.


Furthering his hair restoration treatment, Weston  developed the ACHMTM  or the Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method, as he continued to refine his scalp micropigmentation equipment.  His goal for hair restoration treatment has always been to replicate the most realistic hair follicles possible for the most natural hair restoration treatment. This unique application method for scalp micropigmentation created a much softer hairline by graduating replicated density and inconsistency along the frontal hairline, which, we sincerely emphasize, cannot be duplicated without Weston’s patented needles.

Our hair restoration treatment employs our Weston SystemTM needle. After applying for the patent in 2009, Weston continued his work  providing scalp micropigmentation for hair restoration treatment. The USPTO issued Mark Weston his patent in July of 2015.

As a scalp micropigmentation provider for hair loss treatment, Weston was approved for membership by the AHLC Board. Due to his high profile in the scalp micropigmentation field, integrity and reputation, as well as being the developer and holder of a patent in this field. Weston remains the only provider in this field that has been approved for membership in the American Hair Loss Council.


Scalp micropigmentation with Mark Weston’s patented needle is what sets The Weston System℠ apart from other companies claiming to provide micropigmentation services. While single needles imprint a very small point, they don’t have the ability to retain enough pigment being implanted into the skin to make a “lasting” replicated follicle. This is why other providers require three initial treatments and possibly more.

Scalp micropigmentaton procedures that don’t include Weston’s needle often require patients to return every year for a touch-up. Reapplication of scalp micropigmentation services is also necessary, as the pigments eventually fade away. View our video on why Multi-Sessions Are Not the Best Choice.

Hair restoration treatment with the patented Weston scalp micropigmentation needle is based on a 3-round needle, comprised of much smaller three micro pins, pulled together, creating a small cup at the point. Mark Weston designed this needle specifically with scalp micropigmentation in mind. The exterior diameter size is very close to that of a single needle, but in fact the inside diameter of this needle is smaller.

The goal for Weston’s needle for scalp micropigmentation  was to create a point the size of a hair follicle and simultaneously be implanting sufficient pigment into the scalp for permanency. Weston’s needles for scalp micropigmentation are manufactured from the finest stainless steel. Weston’s application methodology meticulously replicates frontal hairlines (forelock), the mid-scalp, the vertex and crown.


Hairline restoration with The Weston System is a great choice when you’re seeking a natural solution for hair loss. Our hairline modification treatment involves creating a soft frontal hairline for our patients that blends well with natural hair. Locating and replicating the original,natural hairline is of utmost importance to avoid hairline restoration that doesn’t look natural.

Hairline restoration and hairline modification should be custom and completed carefully. Our hairline restoration services start with points being precisely placed at a slow and meticulous pace to permit complete control of the application depth. This specific application method also contributes to the permanency of the pigments.

Weston’s application methodology for hairline restoration services replicates frontal hairlines (forelock), the mid-scalp, the vertex and crown.

Hairline restoration services patient who’s hairline was re-created outside of his natural one. This was a hairline modification. Patient who’d received scalp micropigmentation services twice previously from another scalp micropigmentation provider. You can also see in this picture of hairline modification that the previous provider’s pigment turned blue.


Our hair restoration treatment is also designed for women. In 1984, Mark Weston created a line of natural organic colored pigments for permanent cosmetics for women. The commercially-made semi-permanent cosmetic pigments changed color over time and he was always working hard to correct the colors. Weston took what he learned from apprenticing under a master tattoo artist in Hong Kong to develop a full line of micropigment that work for hair restoration for women.

Weston’s hair restoration treatment for women uses colored pigments that were developed by Weston for his that are perfectly hued for scalp micropigmentation.  With a few minor additions and changes, these pigments were further engineered for use on the scalp only.


In our micropigmentation treatment for women we use SMART Pigments® in order to provide natural looking hair restoration for women.  SMART Pigments®  for micropigmentation for women uses a composite blend of colors individually mixed to match your own existing hair color and to complement your natural skin undertone.

Our unique process of micropigmentation for women uses pigments designed that are permanent, lasting 20 years or more. They were engineered to continually naturally blend should your own hair start to gray in later years. In addition, should your skin tone change in years to come, the SMART Pigments® will always complement your skin tone.

Hair restoration treatment for women with The Weston System℠ means you can shower and shampoo your scalp the evening of your application; no need to wait seven days to shampoo like the multi-session methods. Multi-session hair restoration methods can require up to 9 sessions.

Our micropigmentation services use our patented SMART Pigments. Recovery is quick, and you may take your normal shower and shampoo your scalp immediately the evening of the application, then once per day for 5 days while showering.

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