Veteran Owned Business

Apr 2018

Joseph Cummings

I had only heard of Scalp Micropigmentation for the first time about 5 months before having my procedure. I was intrigued from the very beginning but was quite apprehensive. I started doing research about the same time I was in contact with Justin Chamberland at the Georgia Weston Center in Atlanta. It is the nearest Weston Center to me. I contacted Justin quite a few times and every time he courteously and I must say patiently answered my questions. As my research continued and I investigated many of the multi-session providers and compared them to the Mark Weston single-session System, it became apparent that there was simply no comparison. I sent Justin my pictures. I never felt any pressure, he just urged me to do my own research.

I am 65 and I thought this is ridiculous for me to consider something like this at my age. I had been buzzing my head since my late 40’s. I discovered that the proprietary pigments the Mark Weston System uses could be used to match the hair on the sides of my head and the salt & pepper in my beard. I began showing the results of my research to some family, friends and a few colleagues. They were as amazed as I was and started to encourage me to pursue having it done.

I contacted Justin and made the arrangements. On the day of my appointment, I was very nervous but within a few minutes, I was relaxed and enjoying a conversation with someone who I realized was a very unique individual. I found out that Justin had been consulting with Mark Weston the developer and genius behind this system about my case. I felt like I was in good hands. Justin was very patient and his attention to detail was amazing. He took such extra care to perfect my scalp that I would have thought he was doing his own. He is meticulous. I am sure Mark Weston is proud of his protégé.

I wish I had known about this years ago. The results are nothing less than phenomenal. Everyone who knows what I had done are astounded that it looks so real. Folks I have not told realize there is a positive difference in my appearance but unless I tell them they really don’t know for sure. When I explain it to them, they cannot believe it because the follicles and color look so natural on me. I can’t say how happy I am with the job Justin did. Many people say I look younger- I don’t know about that but I do feel younger. I am very lucky to have crossed paths with such a talented individual. If you have any thoughts of having this done look no further than the Mark Weston System- it is a “one and done” procedure that you will not regret.

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