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Scalp Micropigmentation Long Term Results

The Weston System℠ Scalp Micropigmentation Long Term Results Gallery

The Weston System℠ scalp micropigmentation long term results galley will prove the longevity of this patented System.  All these clients have received this System’s one session only permanent scalp micropigmentation.  These are the results that are expected and proven with the patented system.  No multi-sessions, no routine or scheduled touchups.  The results here shown are as far back as 2009 when Weston started offering scalp miropigmentation as a full-time offering. *”Results may vary from person to person.”

All text and images are copywritten material.  Registration No. VAu 1-274-441.

One Session Only Permanent Application,  No Multi-Sessions!  
The World’s Only Patented Scalp Micropigmentation System
No Required Touchups or Mandatory Reapplications
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CONSUMER ALERT: FDA warning issued for contaminated tattoo inks. Place your trust in the Weston System.View FDA Alert