What To Expect

Hair Restoration Procedure Room at Weston Center in Florida

When You Arrive for Your Weston System℠ Hair Loss Treatment

It is important that the potential candidate know that The Weston System℠ is a one-appointment application only, unlike the multi-session methods. Upon arrival for your Weston System℠ hair loss treatment at any of our Weston Centers, you will be welcomed into a medical clinic setting, but that is friendly and highly relaxing. You will consult directly with the artist and owner at that particular Weston Center location. You will then complete a client questionnaire and disclosure that will be thoroughly reviewed with you. As we service many high profile clients, confidentiality, discretion and privacy is mandatory and The Weston System℠ scalp micropigmentation procedure is performed in confidential, private and sterilized procedure rooms.

The Weston System℠ requires that you buzz your hair (not blade shave) to a length of not more than 1/16th of an inch for the application. There is no deviation from this requirement.  This is to assure the most professional application possible, without having to work through hair. This patented system was developed to be applied in this fashion as a one-time, one appointment only permanent application.  In some cases, the client may be able to regrow their out out.

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