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Scalp Micropigmentation Training

What To Look For In A Scalp Micropigmentation Trainer

Mark Weston - Founder of Mark Weston Hair

Mark Weston is the developer of the patented one-session only Weston System and the first scalp micropigmentation provider in the USA.

Training Courses Offering The Multi-Session Method Have Exploded

NOTE:  If  you are a person considering a multi-session scalp micropigmentation, this is also an important page for you to read regarding the qualifications of your artist and their “training.”

Scalp micropigmentation is now highly recognized as a hair loss solution and the global market for scalp micropigmentation has mushroomed exponentially, as have the influx of training courses. With the now decreasing demand for the temporary multi-session methods in this field, these companies are now becoming unsuccessful in offering their own services for scalp micropigmentation.    In an attempt to maintain their bottom line, they have elected to train in order to supplement their income.  Promises of riches and customers waiting in line for services if you commit to their training just doesn’t exist.  The claims of some of these companies being the “first, inventors, innovators or creators” is unwarranted.

Courses in length from 3 to 5 days teaching incorrect techniques don’t give students the ability to realistically prepare for real-world situations in scalp pigmentation before they have an actual live client.  Worst-case scenario, are the on-line courses, one which is a series of three minute or less videos.  Others leave you by yourself with a mannequin head over a few days with very little supervision.  And all teach you the incorrect way of establishing hairlines.  Even courses running for two weeks are not nearly sufficient and on-going training is mandatory.  This ultimately affects and jeopardizes the client’s safety and quality of the end scalp pigmentation product.

Mark Weston has ceased offering training in his patented , one-session application system except for those who purchase a licensed Weston Center.  Few people were compassionate and did not care about the quality; only how much money they could make.  The training required for a Weston license is exhausting and demanding and requires a lengthy on-site apprenticeship.  The only other alternative for an outsider is to apprentice directly under Weston for a minimum of a year, at which time he/she will become an artist for one of the Centers.

Research Your Home State’s Requirement First

Before you consider any training course and before you spend your money, you must check into the laws of your own state.  Don’t fall for any training company telling you that you will become “certified.”  Please read the later paragraph on certification.

Home Location Licensing:  If you are new to the field and do not have any type of tattoo/permanent cosmetics license, you must check with your own State’s health laws before even considering taking a training course.  Why?   Because you may very well shell out your hard-earned money and be unable to secure a license in the State you wish to do business.  Unscrupulous trainers do not divulge or readily volunteer this information to you.  If you knew in advance, you would not fall for their promised “certification.”

For instance, some states, such as New Jersey, are a nightmare and require Board Certification in Micropigmentation first which entails:

Classroom hours completed in a state certified program, $4,500 for six days.  Followed by an additional mandatory apprenticeship with a board certified training instructor that includes six procedures done on your own.  But since New Jersey requires 15 procedures done on your own, board instructors will happily provide the mandatory additional 9 procedures at $400 each for an additional $3,600.  Now you are at $8100 to complete the state required mandatory training.  Various other fees apply, exam fees, etc.  before you can open your own business and work on your own customers.  Additional State mandates are bloodborne pathogens certification and required membership to the American Academy of Micropigmentation.  Malpractice insurance is also required.

So now you can easily be at $10,000 just to have a license in New Jersey.  This must be completed before you can even think about scalp micropigmentation training.  So don’t waste your money on scalp micropigmentation training first.

Other states, such as parts of Massachusetts, require a two-year apprenticeship under a licensed artist.  Many other states do require this as well.  New Mexico is another state where a potential artist must attend a State-approved and certified micropigmentation school first.

Don’t fall for such ending names as “academy,” “institute” or “school.”  Most states have stringent laws relating to education that prohibit such terms unless the training facility is certified or accredited by the State.  Check with the Department of Education in the training facility’s state if you think they may be deceiving their creditability.

Still Wish To Proceed With Multi-Session Training?

Once you have done your research with your own state, and you are still adamant and insist in attempting to learn the multi-session method, there are points and questions you need to ask any provider offering training.

Experience:  The Internet frontier is beginning it’s change from “Where can I click?” to “Who can I trust?”  Many of these companies are simply owned by investors who no formal training

Scalp Micropigmentation Trainers Poor Work

This is an example of a “trainer’s” work.

or experience in any type of tattooing; conventional or cosmetic.  Others who have never tattooed prior to opening their doors for providing scalp pigmentation and training and have just purchased inexpensive equipment for resale to unsuspecting purchasers.  One must be taught to tattoo first before even attempting scalp micropigmentation.

In other cases, some “trainers” only have a few months of permanent cosmetics experience and cannot even show any of their own long-term results of scalp pigmentation.  Other trainers had no previous experience and were working in a fast-food restaurant last week, now they are “certified” in scalp micropigmentation after a three-day on-line course and ready to train others.

Certification: Many companies/trainers claim that you become “certified’ in scalp micropigmentation after completing their training course. Persons seeking training in this field must be firmly aware that there is NO recognized certification for scalp micropigmentation in the United States. So beware of any training facility promising “certification.” This is a marketing gimmick. The trainer may provide you with a worthless document that indicates you completed training or “graduated,” but this would only apply to their specific training. This “certification” is not recognized anywhere to assist you in any way to open your own business, get a tattoo or business license.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training One Canadian training company promises that their “certification” is valid anywhere in the United States. This same company runs an anonymous and “unbiased” site offering an in-depth review of the “Leading SMP Training Providers” but they give themselves the “Gold Award Winner.” They even indicate that their representative attended a Weston training course in February of 2017 and found fault. However, the short training seminars conducted at The Weston Center are introductory only intended for possible Weston Center Licensees. In addition, attendees fill out a screening questionnaire and background checks are performed before being permitted to attend. A rep from another training company would not have been accepted. The Westons were also on their yacht in the Bahamas as they are every February for the entire month and no seminars were conducted.

Trainer Licensing: Another important factor and should be your first consideration no matter what the trainer is offering. Check with the company’s/trainer’s state licensing board. Be sure that they are properly licensed to offering tattooing from the particular training location. New York City providers are notorious for operating without licenses as they know it is nearly impossible for the City to enforce and therefore operate “under the radar.” Below is a list of the licensing required in almost all states:

  1. Individual Artist License
  2. Fixed Location License
  3. Bio-Medical Waste Generator Permit
  4. Business Tax License (Occupational License)

Hopefully, this outline will help the potential training candidate sort things out or at the least, assist you in the type of research you must do before jumping blindlessly into any training program that promises you riches and a “certification.”

About Mark Weston:  Mark Weston has been helping men with hair loss since 2009 and was the innovator and first provider of scalp micropigmentation in the United States. Practicing as a sole artist, he was unable to help as many men as he would like. Therefore, Weston opened the M. Weston Educational Center and is the very first of its kind, solely dedicated to scalp micropigmentation training only.  The Educational & Training Center is a closed facility and available only to persons who have purchased a licensed Weston Center or an apprenticeship..

If you are interested in acquiring a licensed Weston Center, please visit this page.

If you are interested in a Weston Apprenticeship, please contact The Center for an Apprenticeship Application and Questionnaire.

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