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Hair Follicle Replication Weston System

Get these kinds of of results with The Weston System℠ patented one-session application. No multi-sessions or routine scheduled touchups required. Submit your photos now for a prompt quote.

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Simply forward your name and contact information along with four photos as depicted below. The Weston Center does not practice the habit of continually calling and emailing you once we have your contact information like other companies. So please don’t be shy.

Also unlike other companies, you will not be referred to a salesperson nor a receptionist, but you have the option of including your phone number. You will then have the opportunity to speak personally to Mark Weston, the owner and developer regarding your case and photos. We must receive your photos first as this will enable Mr. Weston to address your case-specific questions and provide you with an estimate. You will then be referred to the closest Weston Center in your area for your appointment.

If you are considering any of the multi-session methods, be sure to get the full finished price, as each additional session can cost between $500 to $800 for as many as 6 sessions or even more. This coupled with numerous trips and time off work will result in a considerably higher price.

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