Weston Bio

Mark Weston – The First Scalp Micropigmentation Innovator in USA

Mark Weston - Founder of Mark Weston HairFew others in the world can follow in Mark Weston’s footsteps to offer such a level of cross art expertise. Coupled with his desire and compassion to help people, no other scalp pigmentation artist nor company can claim more experience and contributions to the field of scalp micropigmentation than Weston. Weston has had many of his research and findings articles published regarding scalp pigmentation, some of which you may view in the Blog Collection.  As you peruse Weston’s background and career highlights, you will clearly see his devotion and qualifications as the leading educator in this field.  While others in the scalp micropigmentation field claim they were the first, you may read the actual facts in Who Started Scalp Micropigmentation in the USA?

Mark Weston was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1961.  At a young age, his aesthetic sense and love for art prevailed over all else in his life. Weston was receiving monetary compensation for his custom pin striping work by the age of 13.  Later adding to his resume murals, airbrushing, sign painting & lettering, carved wood, glass and stone.

Providing custom pin striping for Queen Elizabeth’s Rolls Royce in the mid 1980’s, artwork for cast members of M.A.S.H. and other celebrities, Mark’s skills became highly sought after.  Weston’s custom etched glass work also appeared on the National Geographic Channel as it adorns the entryway to the Peterbuilt Truck Factory in Denton, Texas.

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